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News Update February 6th

News Update May 3rd

We just finished a massive database clean-up.

I started by removing 234 members who had unsubscribed from admin mailings for 1 month or longer! Obviously they couldn't care less what happens in our program and some of those were also guilty as charged by NOT approving payments! Next I removed ALL Ads with no impressions left to really make things a lot easier to manage.

What that means:
Some of you will NO longer have a sponsor showing, if that is the case, please contact us so we can assign you a new sponsor, I try as much as possible to assign you somebody who is active. You can do so by sending an Email with your username and we will take care of it from admin back office.

Let's make a fresh start and reward those that really want to build their business - Thanks

News Update December 25th

Season Greetings

For this end of year message, I would like to share a true life story with you, it's a story of persistence, patience and determination! I sincerely hope that this story will help some of you to re-focus on your goals for 2017 and most importantly: Don't let ANYBODY steal YOUR Dreams - EVER!

I moved to the Philippines from Australia in September 2011. One of the first things I wanted to do, is to setup a business, main reason being, so if ever anything happened to me, my wife would be looked after!
So we looked around and I heard that 1600 apartments would be build within walking distance to our home over the next 2 years.
I could see the opportunity and started looking for a location, then by October we had our laundry business setup and running. After that, reality set in:
We LOST a lot of money in the 1st two years as operating costs were a LOT higher than what we were actually making, many times the thought did cross our minds, that maybe it would be better, just to let go, rather than constantly digging into my savings to keep the business running. In the meantime, the first lot of apartments got finished and we started to letterbox drop.

The 3rd year in business saw a small turn around, we actually almost broke even! The 4th year, 3 other laundry shops opened up within short distance of ours and made things even harder, but hey, as they say, Competition is actually good for business. We finished the 4th year with a small profit!

This year has been nothing short of awesome!
We are the most expensive, yet the busiest laundry shop in the whole area! Business has been great and profit is so good, that we are now convinced that if you never quit, keep focused and just keep on doing the things needed, you WILL succeed - PERIOD!

So what about online business?
Only 1 example to give here, I started my journey with Merchant Shares in June 2015, small at first and kept adding funds as I could afford to do so. fast forward to December 2016 and I can now safely withdraw $1000/month and more in the year ahead! YES, it took 18 month to get there, but patience, determination and persistence have finally paid off, to such an extend, that we can afford a decent vacation starting in 2 days!

We will be visiting Australia for 4 weeks, staying with friends and doing some trips, during that time, I will be online twice/day where possible, so replies to Emails, payment approvals etc WILL take longer than usual, after all, this is a much needed vacation, not just for me, but more so for my wife, she has been my rock throughout this whole journey, especially when I suffered my stroke back in May, she deserves time out!

On that note, please make sure, to spend some quality time with those that are important to you during the upcoming festive season, after all they are the WHY, the force that keeps driving you day in/day out to finally earn that extra income you so very well deserve!

Will it be easy? NO and NO again!
If you stick with 2 or 3 good opportunities, AND do WHATEVER IT TAKES!!
You will get there, I am living proof of that!
Stop jumping from program to program, concentrate on what you already have and build it, 1 step at a time, so what if it takes 2 years or more to earn a substantial online income?

I can guarantee you 1 thing:
Every time you start another new shining object, you start from scratch again, it's like starting a race over and over again and never reach the Finish Line, keep doing that, you never get where you want to be - PERIOD!

It doesn't matter if you build a matrix, sell pills or blowup dolls, stick with what you have and like, ignore the temptation of all those shiny UFO's (Unknown Financial Objects) and make a decision once and for all, to make 2017 what it should be: Your Best Year Ever!

Thank you for your tremendous support over the year, your loyalty and even the haters, every little bit keeps me going, the latter obviously to prove them wrong!

May God bless you and your families, Happy Holiday Season and have a blessed and prosperous New Year!

News Update November 19th

Purchase for our Extra Cash matrix is now open, extra cash splash page also added, please note:
IF you are taking part in this, make sure to check your Emails and/or Pending payments page at least twice/day so nobody has to wait too long to be approved.

Please note: Any program is only as good as it's members, we have NO control over how many will take this offer, we can not guarantee how fast you will earn or if you will earn at all. We can give you the best tools in the world, what you do with those, is entirely up to each and every member.

Make sure to check all processors for payments before approving or denying payment as info is not always entered correctly and to use a Gmail account or you will NOT receive any notification emails from us - Thanks for your support!

News Update October 28th

First of all I would like to welcome the large African base that has joined over the past few days - Welcome to all of you. We have been growing at a very nice pace and about to welcome member #6000 to P4E - awesome.

Now I need you to take notice of the following:

I will no longer accept people joining, then do absolutely NOTHING - PERIOD!
I get between 4-6 mails EVERY day, being asked to approve payments, that are 2 days old, simply because some people could NOT be bothered to even login to their accounts on a daily basis to approve or deny payments - Unacceptable!

If you lost interest, found a better shining object? Great and Good luck with that, but DO NOT STOP others from wanting to progress with P4E either!

SPONSORS, Please note:
Effective November 1st, if you have a member in your down-line who does absolutely nothing, as soon as you have a replacement that is willing to work the system, send me an Email with ALL details:

Current username to be replaced, and ALL details of the person you would like to replace the 'old' one with! Please be aware that this is a very time consuming process, as I have to manually change 3 tables within our database to do so, it is for that exact reason, that I will charge $5 per person to do so, payment should come from the new person, as they are entering a system that is already up and running and in some cases, have their 1st Level filled already!
This is the best way to eliminate holes in your matrix and prevent others from stopping you to get ahead.

Make no mistake:
We have the best M2M program online - PERIOD!
Many others are a straight out Ponzi, as they don't even offer a service and/or product! We offer both!

To those of you who joined via URS, let me say this: Yes I am fully aware of the fact that there was promises of 2 other networks joining us etc, I was shafted just as much as you were, after doing a lot of research, the so called husband/wife team of ampore/turanius, turned out to be nothing but a HUGE fraud, who build their 4Corners down-line at URS's expense, misleading not only you, but more so myself, as the ONLY reason I created P4E was build on that promise!

Having said all that, there is absolutely NO reason, why we should be angry, disappointed and then some more, as all I can say: Lesson learned, time to move on!

I will do all in my power to make P4E a success, With or Without you!
We are on the edge of something very special here, it is up to you, where you want to go from here, to those who are giving it their best? You have my 100% support - Now and in the future!

Let's have a great weekend, time to get those $60 ready to that person who refers our member #6000 - Stay awesome